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Level 2 Seller Requirements

Hey all,

I’ve got some frustrations with the Level 2 Requirements - Seller Review system in Fiverr.

A bit of context:

I’ve been a seller (and buyer) on Fiverr since 2014. I have 554 completed orders on my account with a 5 star rating. I have had 15 orders cancelled over the life of my time with Fiverr. That’s 2.71%. And many of these past cancellations were due to buyers placing an order without reading my gig and then wanting to back out (i.e. for example requesting I do voice acting when that’s not offered at all, etc).

The last few months have seen a drastic slow down in orders for me. Perhaps it’s COVID-19 related, I’m not sure. So in the last 30 days I’ve only had two orders. One was completed and the client was VERY happy. The other was just cancelled because the buyer wasn’t happy with the delivery and was making requests that I didn’t feel I could complete given the amount of time and the price point set for that order.

I kindly and professionally requested he get a full refund and that we stop work on that order.

So now my completion rate is 50% and I’m at risk of losing my Level 2 Seller rank. It’s my wish that in months when orders are VERY low, the level requirements would take into account the stats of a longer period of time. That exceptions could be made for sellers that actually have a very long track record of completing orders successfully, as I have had, but are just having an abnormally slow month.

I wish an exception could be made or a longer period of time reviewed given that so many of us are having slower sales during COVID-19. Thoughts?

In the mean time, I’ve beefed up some more advertising elsewhere to try and drive more customers to my Fiverr page in hopes to get more sales and raise my completion rate up.

Hope ya’ll are staying safe and healthy.

  • Nate

Have you read this thread/post yet?

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Interesting discussion for sure! Thanks for linking me!

It was my thought that even if I ended up getting demoted, I would eventually get back to a Level 2 seller once sales activity picks back up. This has also fueled me to redo some of my promo materials - they could use an update for sure - which will also help generate traffic.

Appreciate the link!

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You’ve written an interesting post and I agree with your main point.

Our Fiverr CVs are quite similar. For me, I’ve been a member since 2013, completed around 700 orders, have consistent 5 star feedback, and I think 6 cancellations (mostly from people who ordered and then changed their mind). In other words, we’re both decent sellers who do a good job and take this seriously.

Like you, I’ve also noticed a sharp decline in orders from new buyers over the past month or so - although I have regular clients who are still ordering. However, where I think I can provide you with a bit of peace of mind is with regards to dropping a level and it’s impact (or not) on orders…

About two years ago I dropped from being a level 2 seller to a level 1 seller. In my case I apparently missed responding to three messages from new potential buyers, and this meant my response stats took a hit. To this day I can’t work out how it happened, but that’s by the by. Despite dropping a level I found that I still received a similar number of orders, and within two months I was back to level 2 again.

In other words, I think buyers pay far more attention to the peace of mind they get from seeing prolonged 5 star feedback rather than the seller level. And besides, once business picks up again (there is an ebb and flow to the level of orders over the months), you’ll very likely go back to being a level 2 seller.


Thank you so much English_Voice. I really appreciate your input and support on this.

I’ve been pushing pretty hard the past few days and am already up to more completed sales, both with 5 star reviews. I’m not back up to the 90% requirement and will keep pushing but it’s progress.

Thanks again!


Thanks all for the support and info on here! I cranked up my hustle and got back to a 90% completion rate. So I’m all good to go. With quite a bit of time before the next evaluation! (Whew!) And I’ve made some new connections and earned a bit more cash.

For those curious how I built things back up - I offered a limited time discount on my basic package for one of my gigs. Then I checked out the Buyer’s Requests several times a day. That seemed to really help.

Thanks all!