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I’m quite surprised this morning to discover a real scammer as a LEVEL 2 SELLER its a total LOSS of confidence for me I’ve been on fiverr along time even if I get a refund it shows me for the first time that Fiverr can’t evaluate deserving people for level 2 when you pay alot for someone to do a real service and you receive a video from a LEVEL 2 with 5 star rating instead of a real service to optimize facebook ads people like me will simply leave fivver out of principle since the TRUST is GONE
Very surprised for Fivver but its a real FAIL



What was the issue with their delivery? If what was delivered wasn’t what you specified in the requirements you can ask for a revision to put it right. If you actually have been scammed you can report it.


What is the problem you did not get what you expect. Ask the seller for a review.

an offer was made to create adset optimise and get results on facebook ads the result was in a video being send how to do it myself he unscruptulously asked for access to the ccount leading to believe work would be done you can expect that for a 10 USD gig he also said he was so busy " doing the work " that he may start towards the end " again so the delivery of the gig was engaged its a flagrant abuse of trust both buy the seller and fiverr How can I talk directly to fiverr quality stands about this ?

I’m sorry it’s still very difficult to understand the whole issue and what happened.

Did your seller ask for your account details so he could do it himself and you declined it? If so then he didn’t have a choice but to send you a video on how you can do it yourself.

Or am I understanding it incorrectly?

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If you want to talk to Fiverr about it you can contact them at:

You could also say “no” to “do you wish to approve the delivery” so it doesn’t complete if they delivered something when the work wasn’t done as specified in the requirements/offer.

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