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Level 2 seller still not getting orders

I started in 2016. Now I’m a Level 2 seller on Fiverr, still I’m hardly getting 2 or 3 orders a month. Sometimes no order whole month. I updated description, tags, title etc. Even I got voice over for my kinetic typography gig and re-did the video. Included the keywords/ tags used by TRS of each category. Still not getting the results, why? I’d be thankful if anyone can take some time to look up my profile and suggest me what to do?

Here’s one of my gig:

Thank you!


:frowning: its so bad. I am new and just have completed one order now.

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Your recent delivery was 23 hours ago and you have 1 order in the queue so business appears to be picking up.

This article may interest you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Put eye catchy image on your gig video. Remember text always better on white paper. Purple is the best color to focus on a client. you can visit my profile. :wink:
  2. Basic price should start from $5. Because of its the way to call a fiver to visit your gig.
  3. Only 2 keyword match with your gig title and link. Focus on typography and Kinetic typographic
  4. Seo title is totally mismatch
  5. Finally, you can try to change your category

I hope and trust it will make your :smile:

Best of luck


@sandipank Shortened links are not allowed on the forum and putting links in the middle of someone else’s topic is considered to be spam.

If you want to tell people about your gigs you need to make your own post in My Fiverr Gigs and only put the full Fiverr link in the post (not in the heading).

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@lloydsolutions many many thanks for your guide. I will remember it for future use.


Thank you so much for your suggestions. I’d definitely try these :+1:

I am not levelled , I am new :raised_hand:
But I can give you some tips.

  1. Delete some of your gigs
  2. Research and make new gigs
    3.Keep marketing like a newbie for the new gigs

And follow these points for buyer requests. I have got 4 orders in 2 days, back to back

Great. Thanks a lot :pray: Will definitely try these.

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Make sure your gig is up to date and also promote your gig to social media networks

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Thank you, it’s my pleasure to help you

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I am in the same situation, getting 1, 2 orders in week. I was about to getting the 3, 4 orders in day. :frowning:

@lufulio sad to hear that. You may try some of the advises given here. Or post your gig link separately in a post, maybe you’ll get some good suggestions about gig improvement.