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Level 2 seller struggling to maintain level

I’m a level two seller (used to be at-least before this new method came in)
Now I am struggling to keep my levels only because of one scale. Order competition rate.

I try to deliver each and every order, but the problem is, when there’s that odd buyer.
I’ve got three order cancelled in the last month.

Cancel 1:

this buyer wanted me to assign domain to her website.
But doesn’t let you assign your own domain unless you subscribe for a premium account.

Now that is somehow my fault. the buyer said:
“I would like a refund if there are attached fees that I was not made aware of.”

She considers the subscription fee as an “attached fee” of the order.

Cancel 2

This buyer wanted me to relocate his domain. But he doesn’t have the login to the domain control panel. So he stops responding to my message. Ultimately resulting a cancellation of the order.

Cancel 3

This one is the only genuine cancellation that I couldn’t complete.

The dilemma:

Now I order completion rate is 90%. (Yes total order in past 60 days is 30-40)
Now I have two orders that are going to be cancelled.

Number one:
the client just ordered and then stopped responding. No information, no message anything at all.
I can see he came online, but didn’t reply to any of my messages.

Number two:
this buyer is an old buyer of me. He sent login info, but later when I started work, I found that the logins were incorrect. He has not been responding for two days.

So if these two orders gets canceled, then I’m going all the way down to level zero next month.
Fun fact, I just recovered my level last month. And just started getting some orders this month, when I’m going to get demoted again.
And because of 5 canceled order, I won’t be able to recover my level for next three months.

I’m really feeling frustrated and neglected.

When I contacted customer support, their behavior made me cry.
They don’t even have the time to read your message properly and just replies a generic precoded reply.

I’m inclined to post some screenshot of the support ticket replies, But I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do that.

It seems like I’ll have to quit fiverr. I can’t struggle like this forever.
Maybe because I’m not one of the top earners in fiverr, that’s why fiverr doesn’t care about my problems or questions.
It’s really very sad. :sob:

You could be filthy rich, best friends with Santa, and have a time travelling pet cat called Pussy Galore, and Fiverr still wouldn’t care about your problems.

A lot of us are struggling with the exact problems you are. All you can do is never contact CS unless you are wearing a suit of armor and try and diversify both on Fiverr and elsewhere.

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I kind of can’t agree with you.
They care, A LOT, when you are a top buyer.
Because they think that’s where there earnings are coming from.