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Level 2 seller - suddenly struggling, any ideas?

Hey everyone! So I’m a level 2 seller and my gig was doing great, it was on the first page of my niche and it was averaging over one thousand impressions a day. However, in the span of one day, it has dropped and I’m getting about 200 impressions a day and I can’t find my gig sorting through the first 10 pages of gigs in my niche. I didn’t change anything, is it possible I need to change something to stay relevant?

Also, I have been trying out their promote your gig paid promotion feature experimentally, and all of a sudden even though my promotion is active and my gigs are being promoted on my end, I’m getting no clicks/I think fiverr is no longer promoting those gigs actively. I raised my bid amount by a crazy amount to experiment and see what happens, and nothing.

Has anyone else ever had their gig drop off so quickly out of rankings? Usually my gig can bounce between the first few pages in my niche and that is normal for me, but has never dropped from the first page to so so far I can barely find it. Moving ten pages rapidly is nuts and has killed my ability to get orders, it has been about a week since this sudden drop and I’m just at a loss on how to recover for this

Also full disclaimer, I don’t blame fiverr or feel entitled to being any sort of rank, I’ve just never been in this position thus far so any advice from more seasoned sellers is awesome!

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Have you read this thread yet?

@imagination7413 This is actually so awesome and insightful, thank you so much for linking me to this! I appreciate you!

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