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Level 2 seller with 1200+ reviews and no orders for almost 4 months

Hey there!

I have been selling on the FIverr platform for about 2 years now and I’ve noticed that over the past few months I have barely received any Click,Impressions or Orders on my profile

I have tried out a lot of things and played around with the gig title,gig image,gig video,keywords,pricing etc but to no avail

I tried the “Promoted Gigs” feature for about 3 days and then My gig was somehow “unqualified” and has been that way ever since

What do you recommend I do?

Thanks in advance


That’s very disappointing. Hope you will back on the track

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Friend I have faced the situation November 2020 to February 2021 . Try to optimize your Gigs with best title keywords, description etc. But it’s true Fiverr dropping their experience sellers down bellow. Now Fiverr new strategy is-- " Start promoting now to gain more visibility!" by Promote button on level 2 sellers and of course you have to promote it by spending money. Sorry to say that I personally don’t like the Pay to promote option on fiverr.

No orders for 4 months? On your profile, it says your last delivery was 1 day ago.

For a level 2 seller with over a thousand orders, I’m quite surprised that you also offer unlimited revisions on all of the packages for your one active gig.

Not sure if this is just a roundabout method of advertising on the forum…


Correction. I do receive some orders now and then that too from previous clients. My impressions,clicks and overall orders have totally dropped substancially when compared to previous months

I receive like 2 orders a week used to be 10+ a day back then

Sorry for the confusion . My bad