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Level 2 Sellers and above, I've got a question!

Out of all the 4.5+ stars you’ve got, how many were 4 stars and below and how did it affect you? Was it in the beginning of your “career” or a recent case?

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4-star reviews are great reviews. Why are you posing a question that makes it seem like 4-star reviews are bad and hurt sellers?

I dream to achieve a Level 2 seller (who doesn’t :D), and have just received a 3.7 star review and is getting worried sick that if I keep getting that rating, I would only be able to reach level 1 forever :open_mouth:

Well, yeah, many repeated 3-star reviews will hurt your ability to succeed here on Fiverr. Shoot for reviews that are higher than 3-stars.

clients will leave feedback according to the service you provided and their emotional situation at that moment… don’t depend on that review. try to offer high quality and unique service next time, you will surely get great reviews and when you do few more orders your ratings will increase.

I have found that people are more likely to not leave a star review at all, than leave me a bad one.

In my “Deliver gig” template, I have a message asking the buyer to contact me with any concerns they have with my product and that I want to make it right - give them a product they are happy with. Then, in another paragraph, it says that if you ARE happy, please consider leaving star feedback, as it helps other buyers in making their purchasing decisions. I have never had less than a five star review, but I have had many people choose to not leave reviews.

dilzgraphic is right - it’ll all dependent on their emotion at the moment - so do what you can to leave them feeling well-taken care of. :slight_smile:

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