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Level 2 Sellers can Now Combine Multiples and Gig Extras

Congratulations Level 2 sellers!

As of today, Level 2 sellers and TRS are able to combine multiples and Gig® Extras in a single order to earn much more in a single transaction.

This new feature is already activated and is immediately available to your buyers. Enjoy!

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Looks like this feature is now open to Level 1 sellers as well!

Level 1: Up to 4 times base gig+extras

Level 2: Up to 8

TRS: Up to 20!

Cool !

Quite Interesting!

This is awesome! Thanks Fiverr!

Reply to @madmoo:

Yeah, it’s not working for me either.

So now maybe you can give level ones the option of adding more than 2 extras?

I’ve had to specifically change extras to deal with requests, and encountered confusion from buyers having to put “OR” in an extra of the same price.

That would be lovely, and so organized.

Awesome! Finally i don’t have to explain my buyers why they need to buy my gig + all the extras twice to get a higher value project done!


Yay! I can finally pitch my custom SEO gig and actually charge full rates in just one gig order! Will this however increase the order delivery time too, though?

Awesome! Thanks Fiverr!

My gig extras won’t activate. No matter how many times I try to check the boxes, all that will show up is extra fast. This is incredibly detrimental to my ability to use this site.

Finally! That freaking rocks my sox! Thank you.


I’m glad to see a positive improvement to the site. So many times, my buyers have to place multiple orders just for one service. Now they won’t have to.

This is stupidly implemented. I have a translation gig with extras for bigger orders and I just can’t translate 100.000 words in the same timeframe as 1.000 words. Give us an option to multiply the additional time as well, if an extra is selected multiple times.

Reply to @freelancemm:

No, it won’t! It’s stupid.

Still i could not see this option :(

Great!!! Thanks a lot Fiverr. :slight_smile:

kjblynx said: another Level 2 seller's gig. Hover over the Order Now button and select the quantity and the gig extras. This is wh

Got it ;) thnx

Awesome !!! Finally got it,Thanks fiverr !