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Level 2 Sellers Gigs got De-ranked

I am a level 2 seller and my all gigs got de-ranked about 2 months and 10 days ago I asked the question about the de-rank on the forum and some of the sellers who were working on Fiverr for the last 6 7 years answered me that this happens on Fiverr it is normal your gigs would be back after 2 months and now But gigs are still not back after 2 months.

What could be the reason why are my gigs not back into the rank yet?


Gig Rotation happens.

Your Gigs have been moved to make room for new Sellers.

Your Gigs will return, eventually.

Fiverr does this to make it fair for all Sellers.


Is there any time period for the gigs to come back to ranking

Then you will not get the job of 2 level seller

Same here when i got lvl 1

Same here to Level 2 seller account.Now 1.5 months has gone

same here my best seller gig now disappear.

My best gig has been on the first search page for a month…