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Level 2 Sellers on the Last Pages of the Search

Hello everyone. First of All, I want to say thanks to Fiverr Support and to the platform because I really love it.

What i’m going to ask to the other sellers is that :

Do you had an experience like mine, Where your Gig just fallen from the first to the last Search Page?

I have to say that, my profile is not perfect and I had to cancel an order plus other things:

What I want to ask, probably, that is the reason my gigs fallen’, but after 2 months that will be fixed? Or i just have to give up to my situation and i have to do another new account?

My Activity is pretty regular anyway.

Please, share your experience.


If you cancelled, you are going to fall, and if you change even slightly one parameter, you are going to fall in the search results. You have several parameters impacted.

But no worries, everything is coming back as it was and you are getting a new chance after the 60 days.


Thank you for your rapid answer audioboon, that is very pacefull to read!


That happens. And happens to most of us, even top rated sellers) because fiverr is rotating gigs.
I saw a top rated in my category also at the last page recently.
My gig right now is nowhere in searches and impressions almost zero but I still have a steady flow of income from referrals and regular buyers.
It might come back soon, it might take a couple of months for your gig to recover. No one knows.


Thank you for your answer Maria, that is very good to read too. After the level 2 I admit, I did several changes to my Gigs just to improve that, but I never supposed that will make my gig fallen like that! I suppose I have just to wait, that is not a problem!

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my every parameter is 100% but my gigs fallen

Do you did some changes to your Gigs ? Editing should be the problem

no, I don’t changes but I noticed when I get less orders my gig going down day by day

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Ok, that can be another point! Thank you for sharing your experience

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I don’t think any of us can claim to fully understand how Fiverr metrics work, but we can all share our experiences to hopefully help others.

Certainly when I asked to cancel a buyer’s order because a client was being unreasonable I saw my level of sales drop significantly for about three weeks. Sales did gradually return to normal. This is of course very unfair because one rogue buyer can have such a huge negative impact on your ability to earn money.

Also, I have noticed that whenever I have tweaked the wording of a gig, my sales do tend to fall away for a few days. I can’t prove this is to do with my rewording of the gig, but it is a big coincidence!

I think the key message though is that sales do tend to return to normal after a period of time.


That can be the right answer right. What I want to know, how you can improve a gig… without let this drop down at the last page? Is that possible?

I was out of office for a few days, after coming my gigs isn’t no where to be found. I hope I start getting orders soon.

A way to survive the down period is return buyers and buyer request. Plus keep sharing your gigs.