Level 2 sellers try very hard to get to top rated


I understand fiverr staff chooses a person to be top seller based on certain requirements but I believe if a level 2 has been with fiverr for awhile and has treated their customers like gold and has good reviews atleast 200 or more than why don’t they get promoted to top seller? I mean if the fiverr staff limit to only to what they see then level 2 sellers will feel like they aren’t good enough or that fiverr is bias and only choose based on if they have a good story to tell. Which is lately all I see anymore, If my opinion is wrong then tell me why its wrong or if you agree on some points please comment, Thanks


I don’t think your idea is good at all. If fiverr can consider all sellers who have good reviews and at least 200 reviews to be top rated, don’t you think fiverr will be full of thousands of sellers who are top rated. There can be no space for new, level 1, level 2 sellers at all.


I said at least 200 or more and have been with fiverr for atleast a couple years. I did not say 200 and your automatically level 3.


It sounds like you’re speaking for yourself. It’s a statement basically saying why you think you should be a TRS (based on your example given on the criteria to become a TRS). Just not in a blatant context. I understand your frustration, but being a TRS is not that much different than being a L2. However it was earned, you have to work that much harder to maintain it.


I was only basing my answer with the examples that you had provided. Sorry, i should not have answered. Sorry


Why focus on pleasing site editors when you should be focusing on pleasing your customers. Badges are pretty much just tokens showing your efforts have been noted (just like the little stars you got as a kid when you did something right).


I think your answer was fine. It’s a public forum so all answers should be welcome if they are worded nicely, which yours was. :slight_smile:


TRS is nothing more than a token, some of the best sellers in my category, who make much more than I do are Level 2 sellers. They are positioned higher than me in the search results. Things like delivery time (mine is very slow) make a bigger difference than the TRS status. Having said that, I am proud of my TRS status and am grateful to Fiverr for having considered me.


This is brilliant. I can use the same picture for everything:

On a serious note, I was level 2 for ages then I got a featured gig then I was TRS.

Stop overthinking it.


Thanks for all the comments, I understand that the level badges mean nothing in terms of customers. I do think however the badges are overrated, Yes its nice to be recognized and appreciated who doesn’t like to be recognized for doing good. At the end of the day I will still be the same regardless of a new badge or not and so will any other person on fiverr.


If you feel that badges are overrated, then why create a post detailing how level 2’s work hard to become a TRS?


I was a level 2 for four years before Fiverr decided I was worthy of the TRS status. While I am glad they finally did, as most of my customers wondered why I wasn’t already, it really is no different than being a Level 2 or such. I still work to please my customers… Besides, I think it’s much harder to keep up the TRS status…


Agreed. It was a fine answer. We don’t always like everyone’s opinions but there was no reason to respond like that.


I wasn’t being mean I was just saying she had the wrong idea of what I posted. I’m not out to hurt people’s feelings. I was just trying to get her to be on the same page a lot of people on here have already said stuff and all don’t agree although it seems they have more negative things to say then positive things to say to me


I love the typo… all that hard work only to become a boring legal page nobody reads. Truly, a fate worse than death.


I am supporting my customers, I’m only saying that it is nice to feel appreciated. I’m not saying that I’m the only one who deserves top rated a lot of people do. I also know that they aren’t just badges you can use top rated to earn more income by raising your prices above the limit of what level 2 can.


Yes TRS can have a higher price on gig extras but the max base price for level 2 is 995 dollars and when thats not enough at level 2 you can send custom offers up to 10000 dollars.

Just think about it this way - you have achieved the highest possible level that you can achieve by your own actions and your customers appreciate the work you do for them.


I personally don’t care about the badge but I understand your desire for promotion. I agree it would be nice to have more levels just to give sellers a goal to achieve ;). Just keep working hard and one day you will get there. Know there are so many sellers that have been here for years and have over 1000 positive reviews and are still a Level 2.


Oh, the post was edited. It said TOS instead of TRS earlier.

Sneaky edit, ten!


Too many levels would result in a kind of gamification. It’s good for competition, but let’s face it, it’s too much for buyers. Say you have 10 levels of seller–what’s the difference between a 8 or a 10?

Never mind that. Can you even begin to imagine the tedious wailing of people who haven’t been levelled promptly on criteria? Kill me already. It’s bad enough now!