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Level 2 Status Revoked - [Resolved]

Hi everyone,

I work hard on delivering my gigs on time and I’ve always made sure that I abide by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. I just hit my 50th sale and I was promoted to Level 2 (40 delivered and 10 mutually cancelled) I cleared my PayPal account balance yesterday and immediately after that, I received this email from Fiverr:

Hi romulus,

Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level Two status. We have therefore removed the Level Two badge from your account, along with the features that came with it.

There is nothing we would like more, than to see you succeed on Fiverr, and truly hope that you’ll get back in the game soon. For any further information, please contact our Customer Support team here:

Best of luck,

The Fiverr Team

I then received the same email again, only this time it said that my level 1 status had been revoked. This struck me as rather ambiguous and I wrote to Support but I'm yet to receive a response. I cannot see any reason why my status has to be revoked. My sales have been soaring over the last month and I've so far managed to receive some pretty good reviews from my buyers (

I'm hoping this is some sort of a misunderstanding because if not, it seems rather unfair. Have you had a similar experience? Do let me know. Also, any insight you can offer would be highly appreciated!

There is a Level Removal Email glitch going around. Contact Customer Service to double check what the deal is.

Unfortunately here on the forum we are not able to help with the Level status, you have done what we would all advise which is contact Customer Support. They are the ones who handle the Level system so you have to take what they email you as the answer to your quandry. I would continue to work dilligantly and focus on your product you offer and quality, the levels will work themselves out. Good luck with your gig(s)

I’ve contacted Customer Support. I wouldn’t panic this bad except for the fact that a lot of people are facing this problem and now to add to their misery (and mine), Customer Support seems to be on the blink, they’ve not responded and it’s been 20 hours. All the same, I’m slightly comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one facing this problem so thanks for your help guys!

They aren’t on the blink, they’ve had a very large upsurge in users and therefore, requests, especially with the numerous glitches they’ve been experiencing lately. We can no longer expect immediate responses – those days are over. It’s 24-48 hours at the very least at this point.

Reply to @romulus: They will get around to you. Hold Tight

Reply to @romulus: It doesn’t seem to be a problem as you are neither level 1 nor level 2. The other thing is that nobody in this forum or customer support can help with your level status. It is a completely automatic and complex system. Good luck!

Reply to @kokoha: I’d tend to disagree with your comment that support can not help. They can and will look into the problem for the OP.

I think I was the first person to be hit by that glitch many months ago. It really %&#^ me off because it just came out of the blue and no one else had been hit at that time. Since then it has happened to many others and I can tell you to not get upset. They will fix it.

Sometimes I think Fiverr has become a victim of their own success.


40 delivered and 10 canceled

10 canceled out of 50 total orders is a high percentage.

Try to determine why your orders are getting canceled. I think that’s the number one reason you could be losing your levels.

I’m guessing there’s a threshold. If a seller crosses a certain percentage of cancellations out of the total, they’ll get their level taken away.

I haven’t heard about the level status bug.

Reply to @kuzzmedia: Out of the 10 cancellations, 8 of them were because of the buyer’s inability to read the gig description. One of them wanted me to create an adult website for them which I don’t do. Another expected me to pay for hosting their site. When buyers like these order my gig, I politely explain the situation to them and ask them to decide their next course of action. I cannot force cancel the gig as that is a sure-fire method of losing your rating and hence I request mutual cancellations. Granted, I don’t meet the criteria of a level 2 seller (I’m 10 orders short) but I don’t see how I don’t fit the criteria for Level 1 (10 orders and a 100% rating)

As for the bug, I’ve contacted Support but they’re yet to respond to that request.

Specific details on why an account was demoted would be nice. I’ve worked really hard on making sure I deliver nothing but the best and this is how Fiverr’s paid me back in return. Mutual cancellations affecting your ratings is rather preposterous seeing as you don’t get to be selective about who’s ordering your gig, don’t you think? I guess it’s time to bid adieu to Fiverr.

Hey. I really know what are your feeling, I’ve been there. I 'm sure 100% that if you really do not have any issue you level will be returned to you after support review. I was there and stressed so much. Take breath, and in few hours all will be OK!


Thank you for your support everyone, it worked: CS restored my level!

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks oldbittygrandma! :smiley:

I too have lost my level and gig extra because of having to cancel gigs because people didn’t read the gig description. I have tried to make it as simple to follow as possible. I contacted customer support and they told me there is nothing that they can do about it. The penalty for refunding gigs for good reason needs to be looked at.

I too have had my Level status restored … Thanks Fiverr!

This just happened to me today. I have contacted Customer Support.

Actually, you did complete 40 orders in real and 10 of your orders were not completed and cancelled mutually. That’s the reason they removed the badge, same happened with me, but complete some more orders and you will get the badge back.