Level 2 - Thank you Fiverr!


Hello Folks!

I just had to write up a post to Say THANK YOU to fiverr for their help in getting me to Level 2. I finally made it! YAH!!

I have also created a FB page dedicated to fiverr and my Fiverr Gigs to help promote my gig and pointing fans back to Fiverr for orders, I am already starting to get some interest from fans messaging me about it. I just tell them to go to my gig to make an order! Pretty cool stuff! Everytime I do a fiverr gig, I add the final to the FB page to share it!

Thanks again Fiverr for everything!



Congratulations auws =D>


Why thank you @geekygood I do feel pretty chuffed! :smiley:


congratulation auws :slight_smile:


Reply to @auws: Enjoy your day :slight_smile: