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Level 2! Thanks Fiverr and all my buyers! next step is


Top rated seller of course! Almost two months now, selling here on fiverr, and i’m starting to feel fiverr as my virtual home. LOL.

Anyway still a long way to go :slight_smile:

Enjoy the ride everyone!


Level two after two months! I should learn from you.




I just got promoted to Level 2 a few minutes ago myself lol

Yay! :smiley:


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LOL. That’s not a rare case you know. Happens more often than you think, haha


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Congrats fellow level 2’er!


ohh but your profile page still showing that you are on level one ? :open_mouth:


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Thanks OBG!


me too…


Nice work! :slight_smile: I am still on my way too, I am 10 days old here but I had more than 10 gigs sold yet! Maybe I can start with Level 2 if I could boost somehow my sales. I am advertising on Forums in my signature, but mainly on Facebook! :smiley:



Congrats! If you need to promote your gig on fiverrsupersellers dot com blog. Please let me know :slight_smile:


Wohoo! Congrats! I’m halfway to Level 2! :confused:


Congratulations! I’m Level 2 also, hoping to get more sales to get the next level up! Your Gigs look very cool!


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Thanks Bro!

Orders kept pouring in since monday. I have to extend my delivery time in order to ensure high quality. Kinda swamped right now, but very happy at the same time!


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Keep on keeping on Bro!