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Level 2 to Level 1


I was on level 2 and now at level 1. This is not achievement but down fall.

What could be the reason.

The only thing i think will be as

one of my client was paying after work complete. This could be the reason or because of many orders I was getting late in work delivery?


If you deliver late constantly this may reduce your levels, however you can get in contact with customer support and they will no doubt give you the reason for your demotion.

Please see the levels cheat sheet too:


If you are delivering late constantly then you should need to change your delivery time in gig. This is best idea because delivery time option we can edit anytime. Kindly consider first to change delivery time in gig and contact fiverr support for more help. But I am 100% sure downgrading ranking is directly impact from late delivery and cancellation of orders.