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Level 2 to new seller leads to low buyers request ☹


Hello, I was level 2 seller (last week) and due to violating fiverr’s policy i became level 1 seller.
(I have only posted in Buyer’s request section to get SEO on my gig to make it rank up… but unfortunately it make me level 1 seller :joy:)
and then because of monthly evaluation I became “New Seller” !
(due to 1 star rating i got 1 Month ago :expressionless: )

and now i can’t see too many buyer request as before… there are hardly 30 request (by combining 7 different category) previously it was around 1,500 requests.

So can anyone tell me is it (low buyer’s request) because of my lower level or there is any other reason??


Low no. of buyer requests is due to low level.


Did you put your GIG in “buyer’s requests”? ---- Very bad, do not do it anymore!, …please.


It was only for doing SEO on my gig… and it is totally fair to ask someone to do seo.
I did not intend to promote my gig through buyers request.
and i have seen some request which has gig link for reference to their project.