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Level 2 Unlocked!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share that i have unlocked level 2 couple of days back.

I had joined back in 2016 and due to other commitments my account was dormant until Oct 2018. After seeing the requirements of Top rated seller, it looks an uphill task and I am ready to play :cowboy_hat_face:

My gigs are into Website automation space, and I have helped more than 80 clients to automate their web application automation, web data scrapping. In short whatever you want to get automated on the Web, you can reach out to me or check my gigs.

  1. Automate web and desktop apps using kantu:

  2. Automation using katalon studio:

  3. Website automation using chrome plugins:

Upcoming gigs :slight_smile:

  • Mobile app development using Flutter.
  • Something in blockchain space.

Best wishes!!
Rome wasn’t built in a day


Congratulations… :boom:. I have also achieved level 2 this month

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congratulation brother… :tada: :confetti_ball: :+1:well don…

congratulation for your great achievement

Thank you @rezwananitu .

Congratulations on your achievement and best wishes.

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Congratulations :gift: :+1:

Congratulations !! great achievement.
Do you have any tips or advice for new members on Fiverr ?

Sure. lets connect sometime @bestyaniv

all the best