Level 2 User+100% positive rating ; Still no sales apart from old buyers


Can anyone guide me what I am doing wrong ? :frowning:


You’ve obviously had sales because you’re level 2 - you had a feedback left less than 24 hours ago.

Maybe if you used a photo which was of you it may instill more of a sense of trust in your buyers?


Hi Casey Rodarmor, Nice to see you.

Your recent delivery shows 15 hours. So it kind of contradict with what you are saying. I guess, time to use BR.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


yes 24 hrs ago I got one sale but that was from my old buyer.
Photo doesn’t matter as they obviously going to see my gig first. And I am not getting any views or clicks to my gigs.
Hope you are understanding.


Your photo does matter, particularly to the chap whose image it is - he might be more than a little unhappy that some stranger is using his image without his permission.


thank you updated the post title.


thank you updated the profile picture lol


Well done - you’ll need to log out of the forum and log back in for it show here. :slight_smile:


Good Boy. Now read these.


Done. :slight_smile:
Earlier there was a chrome extension called auto refresh to be online always.
Now I guess it’s not working and blocks the access to the page as it detects the behaviour of auto refresh.
Am I not aware of something ?


Don’t know about that, but your new logo’s showing fine on here now. :slight_smile:


yeah I stopped using that extension.I was worried that I am violating some fiverr’s policy by using that extension.


Thank you :slight_smile:
Is there any paid ads to promote the gig ?


I met the similar situation in recent two weeks. No enquiry, no order, soundlessly everyday. But I was pretty busy two weeks ago, I even need a whole morning to respond all kinds of messages. I am level 2 as well with more than 1600 positive reviews, became a seller on fiverr since 2011.

I think there must be something wrong with the system of fiverr, maybe the communication path between buyers and sellers were blocked by something. A buyer cannot find any response after his message is sent, then what he/she will do must be leave here for some other oursourcing platforms.

I expect the support teams of fiverr can solve this problem asap.


Me too for not getting any new requests from buyers for some days now. My gig suddenly drop alot from the search. Hope it can come back soon.