Level 2! Very happy


Today I reached level 2. All the efforts and hard work paid off. Big thanks to those who gave me work when I was new and level 1 seller.




Congratulation @rishaan_bhagat hope for reach top level very soon


Congratulations to you !


congrats on your success!!! :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:




congratulation,best of luck.


Congratulation rishaan_bhagat :wink:
You did a good job. Please share your experience with us about your success.


Thank you so much for your wishes.


Thank you. I will do my best.


Thank you so much @rizwans @zaiba202 @mumtahina_suha


Congrats! Best of luck on reaching TRS!


Thank you so much! I joined Fiverr 10 month ago. Initially it was pretty tough. I sent buyer’s requests on daily basis. Couple of them replied and gave me orders. It happened slowly but I was persistent. After few months, my clients base expanded and they became repeat buyers. Statistics helped me a lot and I kept improving my gigs on regular basis. Eventually work flow increased and I am getting steady orders now. It is really satisfying for me. If you have long term goal then small obstacles will never hurt you. Just be consistent, persistent and honest to your skills and success will follow you.


Thank you so much! I will work hard for it.


That’s amazing! Congrats! I’m also working on getting my level 2 badge as well :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You do great work. You will get there very soon. Best of luck!


Thank you very much rishaan_bhagat for sharing your experience. It’s a motivational speech and I believe that, we will be benefited from your effective guideline. :fu: Thanks again and wish you all the best… :sunglasses:


Thank you so much brother! I wish you a great success on your Fiverr journey. You do fantastic work so keep it up! Enjoy what you do and be happy.:sunglasses:


You’re welcome and thank you :slight_smile:


Congratulation. :palm_tree: