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Level 2 VO seller to level zero in less than 60 days


I know I am not alone with feeling this new evaluation system needs work. I have written customer support many times regarding this and I get a blanket statement response about how it is analyzed via computer and they have no way of fixing the situation. I have gone from a level 2 seller to last month getting demoted to level 1 and waking up this morning to level … I guess it would be zero? This is all regarding my response time rate. I have always responded within a 2 hour time frame unless someone writes me in the middle of the night. (Maybe giving extra time given different time zones would help!) Well, this last month I even made a strong effort to respond to those inquiries in a timely fashion. Regardless, my response time sits at 88 percent and I am now back to beginner level. I have noticed that Fiverr added a new feature that after I get an orde,r I shortly after get an email saying “Let so and so know you have everything you need!” This happens regardless if I’ve already written to the customer. I also deliver every. Single.Order. early and this does not effect my response rate. Anyways, this is frustrating and irritating.


I noticed this too, which caused me to search everywhere onsite seeking something that I had not done. I also sent unnecessary msgs to buyers trying to cover all bases so I wouldn’t be penalized. No big deal, just time-wasting and frustrating.


My response rate and delivery rate is down, despite perfection. Something is wrong with their system.


Hi,me2 sailing in same boat.just got demoted to level zero.i thought would be prompted to level 2.then from nowhere a bad reviews destroy all the stats of mine.from 5 star rating to fallen down to 4.7.and got demoted to level zero.


I agree. It’s an extra unneeded step. And I recieve this messege with every order regardless of wether or not I’ve already written them!