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Level 2?


hey people of the five

ummmmm just a quick thing ive done over 100 orders in 2 months but not gone to level 2…is that right?


This does happen from time to time. I would most CERTAINLY get a message into fiverr.

The orders need to be unique. That is, a $35 order $5 plus $30 in gig extras) is 1 order and not 7. They also need to happen in a rolling 60 day period, since you’re time says you’ve only been on fiverr for 2 months they must be in that time.

OH, and they need to “clear” so that means, your buyers get their 3 days or sooner if they’re proactive AFTER the delivery before it’s “finished” in the eyes of fiverr.

But check with Customer Service because sometimes and for some people it’s been a glitch.


Also, congratz on leveling it’s the window to great things on Fiverr.


Thanks for the advice i messaged them and they updated it :smiley:


Reply to @anarchofighter:Thanks for the advice i messaged them and they updated it :smiley:


Congrats on your level 2 - now for your TRS badge :wink:


Glad it all worked out, welcome to the Levels Club.


Reply to @jbadrawings: thanks :smiley: maybe one day…one day :smiley: