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Level 2?

Hi everybody, I’ve just a little doubt about something and I couldn’t find an answer… to pass level 2, do we need 50 orders in two real months (like january february, and so on…) or in 60 days? since this could be quite different depending on the times I would like to have a confirm for this if possible!
thanks! :slight_smile:

as i can remember it was a 60 day period. When i was promoted the month was already underway and it happened instantly after hitting the goals. So if you are able to get the 50 orders within a 60 day period you will be promoted to level 2.

thanks! Actually fiverr itself gave me an answer as you can see from my badge! I can then confirm you that it’s 60 days… :wink:
thank you!

great to see it worked :wink: Congrats!