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Level Can't Update


I have complete 400$ on fiverr, last night it was shown but now analytics show less then 400$ why? i want my level up


If any of your completed order has been cancelled after “LAST NIGHT” then it can be happened . You can check your earnings and also check the notification if any of your completed order has been cancelled or not… If nothing happened then contact Fiverr CS…

Here is the link to contact with them.


Thanks Complaint Ticket is generated but status is still open.


They can take up to two days to reply back to you.

Besides, are you sure you have earned $400 (after removing the 20% Fiverr fee?).

Does it show at least $400 on your earnings page? If not, you probably haven’t earned 400 yet or it might have dropped due to a cancellation or chargeback.


Yes, I Have Earn 400$.

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Still no reply receive from fiverr support team.


Unfortunately, Customer Support are the only people that can help you with this. If you opened a ticket, then you will have to wait until they respond. There is nothing we can do to make them respond faster.


Ok Thank You, I will wait. :frowning: