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Level Demoted to Zero instead of level 2

Hello, So i am full time freelancer and very hard worker, i earned a 1 level one badge and then on next month i earned 2k+ and meet all the requirement to get level 2 badge but because of buyer scam my order completion went below 90% and my level demoted to Zero level so i am confused now will my profile promoted to level 1 or direct to level 2 because i meet requirement for both levels.


When your:

  • stats (order competition rate, positive ratings, etc) meet the required standards (90% or above)

  • have met all the requirements to become a leveled seller (days without warnings, earnings and etc)

You will be promoted to a level one seller in the next evaluation date, irrespective of whether you have met the requirements to become a level two seller.

In the very following evaluation you will become a level 2 seller if you have managed to remain as a level one seller with all the standards met.

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Do i need to earn again 2k$+ to get level 2 after level 1?

No you don’t if you have already met the requirements to become a level two seller.

Just make sure to maintain your stats 90% or above and not to break any rules once you have become a level one seller. You will be fine.

thanks alot for making my all doughts clear.