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Level demotion effect on gigs

hello every one
I need help from fiverr sellers.

my sales are highly effected by the level demotion from level 2 to level1 even not a single message now a days. I have currently 6 active gigs. I want to know the effect on number of gigs on level demotion.

for example I have 20 gigs as a level 2 seller. so will my gigs remains to 10 on demotion to level 1 ?? or can I add up new gigs more than 10 gigs if currently I have level 1 after demotion ??
suggessions will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance


Demotion will affect your GIG rankings. but it will be temporary.As fiverr says all the parameters like ratings,response rate, etc are considered of past 60 days, not from since you joined.

So try to maintain the performance in the next 60 days.

Your GIGS will not be removed if you dropped from level 2 to level 1.

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Yeah… You are right

This will be helpful.

I do know that if you think you will lose your level, it is best to prepare. As a 0 level seller, you will be limited to seven gigs. Therefore, if you get demoted any gigs above the number of 7 will be automatically eliminated by the system. So, it is best for you to pick which gigs to delete before the 14th of the month of which you think you will be demoted.