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Level Down suddenly

I can’t understand suddenly my level is down without any information. Right now they just confirm me!

But I don’t know which TOC I did break.

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Duplicate gigs, perhaps?

Or asking for a good rating?

It’s hard to say why you lost your level when we have no idea what you did.


It maybe asking for good rating.

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Well, there you have it folks.


I’m surprised they demoted you rather than warning you first. Or did you get a warning?
So sorry about this but maybe in the coming level updates you will get it back.

I couldn’t remember the first warning.

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Is it again the TOS for asking a good review after doing good job?

So you did get a warning! Well don’t forget again.

And thank you for letting us know so maybe others can be warned not to do this. Your honesty here is much appreciated.


I asked my buyer for the good rating after completing the job till 2 years. It is my quick response template.

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You keep asking him for 2 years just for ratings. Its a very strange thing.

I thought he meant he has been doing this to all his buyers for two years.

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You can’t tell your buyer what kind of rating to give you. If you ask for a good rating, it’s review manipulation.

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Thank you very much for your great information.

You can ask your buyer for a review, but asking for GOOD review? Of course it’s manipulating.

Here’s more information:

Especially this: “Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.”


Do not ask buyers to contact Customer Support to remove their rating.

Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS), or when the buyer requests us to do so without solicitation or manipulation from the seller.

Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.

It is against Fiverr’s policies for sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.

I’ve had CS tell me to tell the client to contact them when they needed to change their review.

Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.

Both of my bad reviews had false statements, such as the one who said I delivered in ten minutes when it was actually four hours. This is provable by the timestamps. Another one said I sent “spam” which is a lie.

Personally, I think 5r is taking it too seriously for banning sellers for simply asking for a good review or a 5 star review.

Many businesses in the U.S. do this. Matter of fact, some even do a selective review. If the salespersons feels like we had a good connection, they hand me a survey, while smiling & laughing with me, telling me to fill it out. The survery card that was hidden behind the register.

Buyers will review or not review as we see fit, regardless of what the seller asks.

The seller can ask for a tip, $100 tip, 5 star review or even write the review for me - doesn’t matter. I’m going to do what I’m going to do. I guess I’m having a change of :heart: on this matter.

I don’t consider it review manipulation because I just ignore it. I used to find it annoying for sellers to ask me for review but now it doesn’t bother me.


I fear the problem is that some buyers will be manipulated and not like it, I´ve read quite a few posts by buyers who felt manipulated, even harassed for a good review or sellers tried to make them feel guilty with sob stories, here on the forum.
Some even wrote they just gave in to be left in peace etc., even though the performance wasn´t 5* at all, obviously Fiverr can´t want that to happen on their platform.

Others will not be manipulated and still not like it, we´ve read that here as well.

Not everyone can ignore that, and not everyone may stay long enough that it doesn´t bother them anymore after a while.

Drawing the line at “asking for a review neutrally is ok” is the easiest one, anything else would keep legions of CS staff busy.

It´s nothing I´d ban anyone over personally or take their level but send a warning (telling them what exactly the issue is), if they stop it then, good.

As it isn´t allowed, and OP has been doing it since 2 years, and I don´t assume they go through all the gazillions of messages each day to check whether in one of them a seller asked for a good review, perhaps a buyer complained about it, which again would be a reason to not allow it.

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It’s actually not in the ToS, though, which is the worrying part. It’s just hidden on some obscure “help” page about feedback.


The thing is we still get plenty of post from sellers and buyers, alike about reviews. I’m sure CS still get reports from both sides complaining about it.

I still get plenty of sellers, not all of them new, requesting a 5-star review on their delivery. I shake my head, a level 2 seller, who really should know better.

But from what you are saying, it does make sense from 5r’s point of view. They have to take a stand, to draw the lines for those few who are blatantly abusing the system with harrassment.