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Level Drop

My level dropped from Level 1 to 0 because of high cancellation rate. I was outside my home and people kept me ordering and I had to cancel all of them. The current analytics shows that 30% orders have been cancelled. Can you tell me the minimum cancellation ratio to get back to my rank?

i think it is a 20% threshold

Well, I have 22% for now but a week ago it was 25% and I am still on level 1. But I fairly improving it :slight_smile: So I can get drop too.

I heard of people dropping at 10% from level 2 to 1. If you’re outside your ohome you need to pause your gigs, remember buyers have deadlines to keep too, you might have screwed some over

My Both LEVELS demoted at 11%

I again gain the LEVEL 1 Status. MY cancellation is still 11%

I am at 10% was at 11% never have had an issue with levels. but you are at 94% profile rating… so clearly you have some issues with you’re work that is why not just the 30% cancelation

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oh sorry lol thank you