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Level Immunity to rate drops

I just wish that certain levels got a percentage immunity to rate drops so they don’t drop from top seller to zero level. I just don’t see that its not fair for a decent gig like mine to have zero level just because of 2 or 3 mistakes versus thousands of good deeds I went through to reach level 2. For example. If within 60 days, I have 4 orders and 2 of them went late, my rate will go down at 50%. But in what I suggest, if I got a level immunity say like 25% at least, I don’t go straight 50% which is so rough and will cost my gig to go level zero at an instant.


That’s not how the levels system is designed to work. And, keep in mind, if you drop a level, you can always rise again 30 or 60 days later. Also, the more orders you have, the less a metric is able to damage your percentages. This is how Fiverr rewards active, busy, working sellers.


You drop your level from 2 to zero then you got no more orders. That is why it is so rough you know. Its like you could lose 1 level in a week and regain it in months. A high level character should have an immunity to sudden breakdown as a special privileged at least. If you will look at my gig, I have 2000+ 5 stars. My clients are even happy even I delivered late but I don’t count that. But my gig level is ZERO :slight_smile: Its fine if it doesn’t make any sense at all.


I went from TRS to level zero in the space of three months. For various reasons it has taken me about 7 months to get back to level 1 this month.
Not once did I think “the system should change to suit me and my super-unique-shouldn’t-happen-to-me-because-I’m-a-great-seller-really situation”.
I don’t get it.

Yes, there are times when the percentages drop for things that aren’t my fault but so what? This is life. It’s not always fair and is never exactly how I want it to be. Get over things, find solutions, choose a different course etc. Don’t hope/pray/demand/beg for the system to be changed for you. It won’t happen and just isn’t how life works.


I have had the same gig for seven years since 2012. It has never had a bad review and has over 500 great reviews.

Two weeks ago I got a 2 star review on it due to me not giving an interview to this woman who asked me to. She was mad. She got revenge.

Do you hear me complaining? YES. But that’s life. It’s not always fair.

We all have our problems.


It doesn’t matter how many 5-star orders you have. EVERY seller is bound by the same rules. Just because you’ve been around longer than other sellers, does not entitle you to “immunity” from the rules. If you suffer a demotion one month, you have every ability to build/market your business back up to a promotion the next month, or the month after.


Actually not once that my suggestion got granted. I have a physical business and it is stable, my fiverr gig is just my backup source of income but I guess its not bad idea to suggest things to make the system better. They want to change or not, its up to them I don’t really want to freak out fighting for freedom :slight_smile: So this just goes like “JUST SAYIN” my gig is not comfortable with your style of system hehe. Yeah I believe you mate, this life it’s not always go according to what we want. Good day to you.


Yeah that is what I actually wish mate because picking up stars is not an easy job and again yes I wish that every seller must not bound by same rules. Its happening on real life. Its possible. I guess :slight_smile:

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I dropped from level 2 to zero in two months and just yesterday I was back to level one. While am working my way back to level 2, I surely wouldn’t say no to a plan that provides immunity from falling to the lowest level in the shortest time possible most especially for things beyond your control.

Of course I understand this is how the system works and life isn’t fair but life itself isn’t rigid. And things that have been thought could never change have been changed through suggestions and ideas. If we keep sitting down and accepting everything as it comes then that’s how it is going to be. As regards this suggestion, no one knows whether it will be taken or not but it is an idea that I kinda like.


Beautifully said “datwriterguy”. Thanks for delivering it nicely.

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I agree with you 100%. I’m not a fan of the level system, there are many Top Rated Sellers that have been demoted. I’m not complaining, I’m just being honest.

Yes, demotions can be destructive, but they’re also an opportunity to make some changes, raise or lower prices, change delivery dates, pause gigs, etc.

Either way, understand that Fiverr isn’t a traditional company. Traditional companies protect their top performers, Fiverr doesn’t. Here someone making $2,000 a month is treated the same as someone making $100 a month. 87% Order Completion Rate? Demoted to level 2!

Now all my stats are perfect, and yet did I get promoted back to TRS? Nope.

On the other hand, at least I didn’t get those annoying e-mail Fiverr used to send.

“You’ve been nominated to TRS”
“Sorry, you’re not good enough to be TRS”

Here’s a suggestion, just like people can apply to Fiverr Pro, maybe people should be able to apply to TRS. It’s embarrassing that some categories don’t have TRS sellers.


I predict that every seller WILL continue to be bound by the same rules on Fiverr. The current overall rules are working. I don’t see any need or reason to complicate things by establishing multiple rule sets.

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Same here, I used to have a perfect stats and nominated to TSR and fail. Why when you are demoted, the system decides. But when you need promotion, system becomes irrelevant and the staff needs to review and do the decisions. And good to hear you mentioned about protecting the top performers.

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Not when the voices becomes loud enough. Rules don’t stays, they always evolved. And things on fiverr are already complicated long before.

Are you sure the current overall rules are working? And even if they were, they still can be changed. The rules before this were changed not because they weren’t working but simply because Fiverr wanted change. The same way they changed the font not because the previous font was bad.

Nothing will forever remain as it is. Change is the only constant thing and suggesting the kind of change we want is what we really should be pushing for on this platform.


Respectfully, your calls for revolution are impractical. The rules are the rules, and the vast majority of sellers who have any stake in success here, have learned how to work within these rules. There will be no revolution – led by you – that screams their way to a change in the promotion/demotion rules, merely because you feel that you were “unfairly demoted”, or can’t gain TRS status.

We all get demoted. It happens. It’s part of how Fiverr works. And it’s not the end of the world, nor the end of any possibility for seller growth here on Fiverr. Like any of us who have been demoted in the past – myself included – improve your gigs, and work toward being re-promoted in 30 or 60 days. It’s not impossible; I’ve done it twice now. You CAN recover, but it’s only possible if you’re willing to think like a businessman, correct the problems that led to the demotion, and become a better seller, instead of sitting back, blaming everyone else, and calling for revolution.

This is not a revolution reason. This is not a revolution moment.

Seriously, and again, I say this with as much respect as I can muster, calling for revolution and change, merely because YOU were demoted – an event that can easily be turned around – just doesn’t make a lot of sense.


There might be a need for change in something you can do yourself, for yourself. Change starts with you. I think it’s more likely that you can find success by trying to change your gigs in some way that will work best.

I agree this is frustrating sometimes, when you get things happening beyond your control. I try to not think about them and just accept them.


There is no calling for revolution here mate, I’m just rendering an idea for fiverr to somehow protect top performers. Please don’t judge my suggestion impractical, I am offended. Let fiverr hear me. They will decide whether they like it or not.

@francis920176 - as a levelled seller, you already have ways to protect yourself from rate drops, including:

  • Delivering on time - or asking for an extension if necessary
  • Good project management
  • Taking on only those projects you know you can complete
  • Awareness of red flag buyers
  • Pricing
  • Great communication
  • Outstanding skills

Yes, sometimes the odd mistake is made. It happens - we all make them. Accept it, learn from it and move on.

I know it’s disappointing when a level drops, but the truth is, we don’t work for Fiverr, but simply use their platform. Lots of people make a living here and don’t need to be protected from their own or buyers’ mistakes - they just hone their skills and focus their attention more clearly.

If your level drops, don’t take it personally. It really isn’t personal - it’s just business. Your business.


Of course, just like I said before am working my way back to the level I dropped off. That means I have implemented some things to work best with the system as it is. That change is personal and should not stop me reasoning if there can be a change as concerning the system itself. The OP seems to feel the same kind of way and when I read his suggestion, I liked it.

Yes, just like you I accept them but if I have or see suggestions on the forum to change the status quo, I surely would appreciate and support it rather than shut it up and just align myself to fate.

I do not think anyone including the OP is oblivious of the ways to protect themselves from a level fall. The thinking is what if it happens, can the system implement bla bla bla…

Now I do not know whether the decision makers on Fiverr come to the forum or not but what if they do. Wouldn’t it be better if they see suggestions from sellers that can benefit the platform rather than a bunch of people that accept every God damn thing that is thrown at them. Finally, I’m of the opinion that people should be able to share their opinion on the forum without fear of being told to shove it up their a…