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Hi Guys, i have a question how much positive reviews can end a negative review plz ans if you have knowledge



A negative review is there to stay, now and forever; even if you get 1000 positive reviews you’ll always have 1 negative!

Naturally, percentage is going to increase for every positive review you get and when greater than 99% you can eventually see 100% again.

Hi sir, first of all thnx and appreciate for your help and this is exactly what i want to say when i get the positive review then it will increase my positive rating and i’m getting positive review but i’m still at 97 i don’t know what is the formula for withdraw the calculation of this and i know that the negative review will be there but my rating should be increased as increasing with positive reviews :slight_smile:


Reply to @harrybest: I see you have a lot of gigs sold, so you can’t expect that few positive reviews are going to increase percentage…

Unfortunately you need a lot of positive for each negative.

Basicly formula should be:

percentage = positive_reviews / (positive_reviews + negative_reviews)

hmm great thnx for sharing your info with me :slight_smile: