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Level is not increasing

My rating is 100% but my Level is not increasing i am on fiver from last 2 months and sell 56 gigs.

Help me what to do .


Your gigs say “about 1 month” it can take a few days past one month.

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I join fiver on 8th Feb 2014. how it doesn’t complete 1 month. :frowning:

Thanks for reply.

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However your gigs say “About 1 month”. Fiverr goes by the age of the gig not by how long it has been since you joined.


Thanks a lot.

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I did a bad thing on fiver once. i send a customer my skype id he ask me to do that.

then fiver show message that don’t do that again.

that’s happen once only.

did that effect ?

My customers effect then don’t want to place order multiple gigs.

Is any way to connect fiver for that ?


Reply to @hrnhope: That could be part of it. It says you have to “stay out of trouble” and I know sellers who made innocent mistakes in the beginning who had to wait much longer than others to level up.

Reply to @cheezees: Thanks is a time frame for them ?