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Level one account but almost 2 months no sale

I am a level one seller on Fiverr. I submitted many proposals last two months but did not get any response from the clients, which seems strange.

When I first joined on Fiverr, I submitted very few proposals and got responses from clients and got hired. Now, after submitting many proposals, there is not a single knock on my inbox and my proposals are archived. But, I have no clue, why those were archived and what I am doing wrong here.

I’m so scared right now about this issue. If someone experienced here could give me advice or suggestion about what I can do at this point, I would be very thankful.

Thank you


It is not strange at all and you don’t need to be scared. Fiverr is a marketplace with many many Sellers offering the same services.

Should you provide some example what Buyers required and what was your response, Forum users might help you to find possible reasons.


Thanks for your reply. I always applied for related job. i am a mobile apps screen designer. so that i always apply on mobile app screen design job. i already successfully done 27 job on this account. if any buyer knock me or ask me for sample then most of the time they will hired me. but now the problem is i not received any single knock on my account last two months. that’s my problem. If anyone knock me for interview then of course i will gotten the job.

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