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Level one automatically?

Hey there!

I recently reached every criteria to become a Level one seller but it’s yet to happen. I mean, everything is at a 100%.

My question: How long does it take?

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The levels are auto updating every 15th of every month. You will receive level one on September 15th.


Insects is right, please wait for the next evaluation, and keep the statistics green. Hopefully you’ll get to higher level


the next evaluation date is 15/08/2018 please wait, your level will automatic increse to Level 1.

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Hey, thanks.
Can’t wait

Will do. Ain’t no TOS violation for me.
34 orders completed, all 5 stars.
I am a writer.

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Wish you success. Hope that you create fortune on fiverr. How long did it take?

Let’s say 2 months, in total. I was off for a while, then I came back in full force.