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Level One badge Dropped


I am doing work on Fiverr since 2016, after a long struggle i got level one badge, but very sad for me when i got email from fiverr, regarding “We have removed the Level One badge from your account” I am really worry , how can i improve this section? Can anybody help me?

Amaya Bloach


There should be some reason to lost your First grade Badge , but after you doing more work and get some more 5 starts , it will come back to you again. No worry. Just try your best for the work . wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for being cooperative.

Do what it says in the boxes on the left hand side of your dashboard. Roll your cursor over the circles to see what is expected. I was a level two seller and I have thousands of 5 star reviews, and I’m down now to a no level seller as I had about a month-ish of late orders which I didn’t request extensions on. So next time they do a level check (once a month) I may possibly go back up to 1 and then maybe 2 the month after but only if I consistently do the right thing. Despite delivering outstanding product and service prior to that, I was never promoted to a top seller. Prior to that I did go from level 2 to level 1 due to no fault of my own (fiverr’s cancellation policy - people were choosing their own prices for gigs rather than contacting me first, so led to more than allowed cancellations…I’ve now fixed that issue on my side as fiverr was unwilling to assist)

Just to add to this conversation, my level 2 badge was dropped to level and it was no fault of mine. My client paid for his work but he did not upload the requirements for me to do the work and I messaged resolution and my buyer. I did not cancel the order because this is a repeat client so I waited until he uploaded the requirements. Although I contacted Resolution they had the clock run out, they did not stop the clock and although they saw that I waited for the client, he uploaded the requirements and paid the additional cost for the job and then after he received his Transcript he gave me a 5 star rating, Fiverr dropped me to a level 1 and I have had several messages with customer service but I was basically told that it was my fault that I did not receive the requirements. I don’t understand. I asked customer for referr this matter to the Fiverr Team to look into this order but nothing has happened.

That’s why my transcribing gigs now start at $995 - so they will contact me first. They kept clicking the $5 button and making their own prices up rather than contacting me first as requested. Fiverr wouldn’t help, hence I had to work out how to fix it myself. I’ve not had the same problem since :slight_smile: