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Level one badge taken away

my level one badge was removed and i want it back…right now i am so upset i worked hard for my badge and i don’t think you have the right to take away something I earned rightfully and even if i did what you are accusing me of I am sure you can find different ways for punishment cause at the end i am one hurting financially not you guys! I want back my level one badge please and thank you so unfair… I am from jamaica and i am not able to meet anyone because all of my jobs are from persons on a different continent and so i know i did not violate that rule…and the fact remains sometimes some of the gigs you get have to provide personal informaton for eg my video chat gig so what you expect me to do i want my badge back plus how u expect sellers to be happy if you are doing this to us

You’ll need to contact Fiverr customer support. There’s nothing we can do for you. The forum is made up mostly of sellers and buyers. Rarely, do Fiverr admins look through the Forum for problems.

Whatever the issue is, perhaps you can work something out with them. If you are in violation of a TOS but it’s necessary for your gigs, make sure to bring this up to them. Letting them know things ahead of time helps… that’s for sure.

Most of all, remain pleasant and cordial with your communications with them. You’ll catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

Good luck!

It’s because of your rating. You need to maintain the rating of 90% or higher to be level 1 seller.

hello, if your level badge is down, thats the reason may be your rating will be lower and it does not meet level requirement, So please maintain rating also.

If you meet following rules and still have issue then you need to contact with support team for further issue.

support team will be definitely resolve your issue :slight_smile: