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Level one extras, and copyright question



I should be level one in about a days time, yay! (depending how quickly it comes through, I have more than met the qualifications) and will be able to add extras. I offer drawing gigs, so what extras do you guys think would be most sensible to offer? I am thinking along the lines of extras for many colours, detailed backgrounds, more than one character/item, added lettering, a high res .psd file. . I know I can’t add them all :wink:

I could offer offer copyright too. Choices, choices. . . :wink:

About copyright, how does that work? is there some kind of contract that has to be offered, or is the fact that you mentioned it in the gig, enough to make it legal?

Love to know what you recommend, (I shall research level one artist’s gigs to see what they do too)



I didn’t know that about the copyright being automatic. I guess the way round that is to supply medium res work to start with and if the client wants something commercially print ready, charge extra for a high res version. I dunno. It hasn’t been an issue so far, but if a gig looks too much like a commercial project rather than a personal one I might have to consider my position. I don’t mind doing affordable work for individuals and small firms etc, in fact I enjoy it, but I’m not interested in being a cheap resource for companies that could afford to pay proper prices :wink: Fiverr for me is mainly about spreading good vibes rather than making profit for others. Maybe I’m lucky, and can afford to be idealistic :wink: