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LEVEL ONE IN 15 days........AMAZING

I joined fiverr 4 years a go…But started my first gig in second week of august…I got my first order 15 days a go…Today I reached LEVEL one…I was just wondering if I could reach level one in a month…I am very much thankful to fiverr forum. Topics in this forum really helped me to set my target and shows me the ways to work towards achieving it…I am get a number of repeating customers and i am loving it…Repeating customers symbolizes that I am dedicated towards my work and doing hard work…Thanks to all my buyers and fiverr community…

thanks a lot…

Thank you so much for you tips…I did not knew it…I will remove it right away…

I did not noticed spelling mistakes in my profile…:(…I will check it out everything once again and make corrections…

That is Awesome! I have new gigs up and hopefully they will get me some work. I am so ready. Repeating customers is what I am shooting for. I wish you all the best and do the same for me please.

Thanks a lot for your best wishes…I too wish you luck…all the best…


How many reviews do you need to reach level 1?

I got 12 order at that time…out of that 8 were completed and 5 of them reviewed my work…:slight_smile:

Congrats for success !!

Congrats and I must commend you for reading the forum for tips.

thanks a lot …I found Fiverr forum tips very much helpful and its working for me quite well…:slight_smile:

Congrats! I’m on my way to level one as well. It must be exciting!

Yeah…It is…all the best for your fiverr journey…

Congratulations! Nice Gigs!

2 quick tips for your best: Just make sure that you have correct spelling on your profile page and that you delete your website link since it is not allowed by Fiverr Terms of Service :slight_smile:

Congrats, and wish you luck all the way.


That’s Great

Good job! Now that you’re on your way up, don’t forget to share what you have learned with the rest of us!

Thanks a lot…I will definitely keep on sharing my experiences…This is what this community is all about…I am getting lots of help and support from this forum…I will definitely keep the flow going…