Level one in less than 10 Days ! What else ? Come and be happy with me!


Hey Fiverrs, i would like to share with you my new level ! I am finally level one, i start to sell the 11 of february, and we are the 20, and i am Level 1 ! Pretty happy about it ! I am really exited about this ! I hope i will be able to continue selling gigs, because i love what i do ! Photoshop, taking pictures at the beach to make people happy, create badge and logos, etc, anyway, this website is awesome !

Maybe one of my gig can do something for you ? I can now be proud of my badge i just made and put them everywhere i can (see the pix)

I hope i will do another topic with "I am LEVEL 2!"

Take care everybody, and i hope you will find something on my gig for you :



Wow fast!


Excellent News


Thank you my Fiverrs friends !


These people above me who posted are clearly posting without even clicking on your profile.

When I visited your profile, it says that you have joined fiverr since 30 days ago. How is it that you became level 1 in 10 days ?

This is clearly misleading.


Maybe he became a seller just 10 days ago.


Reply to @chaihock:

Im shock with the tittle —> ‘Level 1 Less Than 10 Days.’’ Seem like you’re extra special and breaking fiverr rules. Hahahaha…

You joined fiverr more than a month, but become a seller less than 10 days. There’s nothing special about it. As soon as you completed your 10 gigs, you will be AUTOMATICCALLY boecome a Level 1. Nothing special… hahahaha


Congrats for your excellent job!!! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ohsemmm:

And so what ? I joined fiverr as a buyer, and after 10 days as a seller, i am level 1, i am happy about it, and i share my story, i think that’s the goal of this category no ? It’s maybe nothing special for you, but if you don’t care, just don’t read me. I forget that people on Internet are strange.

I don’t sell anything like magic thing to be seller one in 10 days, i don’t even give magic advices or crazy stuff :confused: and if you read like people learn to read when they are kids i said “i start to sell” and no “i joined fiverr”.

Anyway, thanks for the congrats of the other people.

And try to be happy for people instead of criticize them.


Great job!