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Level One Issues

Hi to all,

I hope you all are doing well. I am having some kind of issues with my Account I had completed all the requirements to become a level One seller.
My evaluation was on 15 may. But just before 5 days the my earning amount went down from “400$+ to 393$”
Now my requirements are not completed.
"Can anyone please elaborate the issue? "

Kindest Regards,


are you sure that you have actually reached 400$? (you can check that in earning section)

if then you must contact the customer support and tell them about the issue you faced.


If your completed order has been cancelled then your earning can be reduced . And you can check your analytics page. If you can fulfill the requirements of your next level then you will be promoted on the next 15th .Otherwise not …


Hi dear,

All of my orders are completed there is 0 cancellation

Yes i have contacted the CS but they didn’t reply yet how long will they take to reply to the query.?

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It will take a few days as still, you are a new seller. Can you mention how many orders have you completed? and what are the prices?

Did you check the earring from mobile app or PC?

I have noticed that sometimes earrings shows a bit less than it is from my mobile app but after a while it changes back.

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i have checked my earning from both Mobile and PC same problem its showing 393$.

I have completed 35+ orders with the price range between 40$ and 5$.

this could be possible because of payoneer or any other bank card fee/charges, which you’ve attached with your fiverr account for withdrawal.

Wait for CS. They would know better about what happened.

As none of your orders has been cancelled then you should wait for CS reply …

This is fully illogical .They can not charge without authentication . Suppose they have cut the charge from the balance but the lifetime/total earnings will not reduce .This is impossible because total earning can be reduced when a completed order will be cancelled .For this he should wait for the CS reply…

hi, don’t worry. am also facing same problem. i don’t know what happen that numbers. after one day it’s showing again $400. you can check this using pc. not mobile app. also don’t worry. 100% guaranty you can get level 15th may 12.00GMT(USA TIME)

can you look at apply your order values to this algebra. then if you reach 400$ you will definitely get the badge.

total_Earnings = (order_1_value+order_2_value+order_3_value+…)*80/100

if total_Earnings > 400 then don’t worry. (80% means profit :slightly_smiling_face: )

Thanks a lot for your assistance brother.
Yes i have checked again and i have also apply my order values and
the profit is more than 400$.


Did they offer the badge to you?

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Yes they did finally.

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nice to hear that. all the best