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Level One, No Sales

I just leveled up a few days ago to level one and before I leveled I was getting 3-5 sales a day. (Might not be much to you but it is for me) Anyway, since I leveled up I have had zero sales. Does anybody know why this happens? Any experience?


It is unwise to expect sales from Fiverr. Fiverr specifically says that it does not guarantee any level of sales whatsoever. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you successful. If you aren’t gaining the level of sales that you want, perhaps it is time for you to start marketing and promoting your gigs elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located. YOU have the ability to bring in customers as well.

Work hard. Work smart. You’re the only person that can build your success.


It is not that I dont get sales. I had steady sales for a while. However, ever since I’ve been promoted to level one, I haven’t had any and I was curious to see if it has happened to anybody else.

I’ve had the same problem. I was consistently receiving sales up until the point that I reached level 1. After that my sales plummeted without me changing anything to do with marketing.

Always keep patience. :slight_smile:

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Slow spells happen, its usual - Try promoting your gigs on social media, Update your gigs: make sure you’re utilizing all features fiverr offers like putting up an introduction video on your gigs. You can also get creative and have a seller here on fiverr create you custom gig images… Its all a hustle, use the features fiverr makes available and make sure youre always sending out your daily proposals. GoodLuck!!

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