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Level one Requirements completed but Still a New Seller

I have complete my all Level One requirements. Everything 100%
5 Star Rating
But still on New Seller
What is the problem?

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They evaluation the 14th of every month.

Its 15 Right now… And requirements completed about 20 days before the revolution

Hope, you will getting soon Good news :heartbeat:

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It is still the 14th where I am, sometimes it takes until the 16th for the level to change. :wink:


I am in Pakistan.
Hope I’ll get Level one soon

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slowly, you will get the Lv1 badge before 16 Sept, just wait for a few more hours

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Just to share with you, I got promoted at 4:30 PM of 15th, maybe it depends on the timezone also. So dont worry, if you are qualified, you will be promoted by the end of the day.

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Level up. Thanks you guys