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Level one requirements

Hi Friends
I have a question
i’ve completed fiverr all requirements to take level one but i can not complete one requirement fiverr wants 90% delivery time but i have 75% can anyone tell me fiverr will give me level one or not



All percentage must more tha 90%

But you will get level one after 60 days. If you wil not any order in next 60 days but you will get automatically fiverr level one

but i completed all orders and i’ve completed all requirements without complition of orders

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But for level one you have to complete at least 10 orders with 4.7 star ratting

And you require $400 at least earning

i have 5.0 ratings yo 400$ earning issue is that delivery on time i can not complete this requirment

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At least 4.7 star ratting
400$ earning
90% delivery on time
90% response rate
90% complete ratio

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No, they won’t. You’ll have to deliver more orders on time.


Be patient.
When fiverr forum think that you are able to reach in level in they must gives you.
Stay with fiverr,spend time with fiverr.
Good luck!

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