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Level One Seller Announcement

After completion of fiverr level one criteria, when fiverr annouces or intmates that you are level one. As today is 15th December and I full fill all criteria. But not received the badge of level one yet? Because fiverr announces 1st and 15th of each moth sellers level.

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I think it’s only around the 15th of the month, not the 1st of the month.

You’ll most likely get the announcement sometime today (15th) if that’s you’re evaluation date. There isn’t a specific time it lets you know, it may be different for each seller. It might take the process a while to run. Maybe they run it at low priority so it doesn’t slow down of the rest of the system.

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There are always this questions on the 15th of each month. Every month. Every.

Be patient. Evaluations happen on GMT time which is different from yours and it even might be 16th at your place at the time of evaluation because of the time zone difference.

Did you see a GMT time next to the evaluation date?

Hi, I see this time “Evaluation period ends on Dec 15, 2019, 00:00 GMT”. But isn’t it already passed?

I remember we had a discussion with someone else about the time but it might be the end of the day on 15 at midnight not the beginning on the 15th.

And it’s still far from being end of the day on 15th in GMT time zone.

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The evaluation has started and some sellers have been notified (like me) but maybe not all sellers yet. So it may start running at that date (and if it starts later the calculation will be based on that date/time) but take quite a while to run as there may be many things to process and they may need to do it slowly to not slow down the system. That’s why you won’t get an instant message (exactly at that date/time) saying your level has increased. The process may take quite a few hours to run and take longer for some sellers than others, just depending on which it processes everything for first.

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