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Level one seller benefits

if you get any level mean level one or level 2 so you get alots of benefits you can read more here check below link

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Hi there! I’ve created 17 orders but can’t rise in level 1 seller…

could you help me why this happens?

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after 30 days you will automatically get badge of level 1 seller,


You received orders before 30 days that’s why you didn’t get badge wait you will get soon your badge :slight_smile:

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Can you give me suggestions in making good offer to buyer and how I make my gig attractive plz this is my gig name aneespassha

You should try some unique and more creative title for your gig and you make your own description for your gig and if you don’t have any level badge so you should give extra things your clients because then he/she will again hire you and make creative proposal for buyer request then i hope you will get alots of orders Hope you understand :slight_smile:

What should I learn to get some order again?

You Should don’t cancel your orders and make friendship with clients because they will give you more orders and strong your gig title and your buyer request proposal hope you will get soon more orders :slight_smile:

Your rating may not be good then… I have done 9 and on level 1 with 5-star rating and some TIPs…

Offer something that nobody offers…

Hi,You should be in contact with your previous buyers for more orders.Because your old buyers definitely understand you and your work :slight_smile:

after 30 days of joining fiverr.You will get level 1