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Level One Seller but no jobs ;( What is the wrong with my gigs?

Hi, I’m a level One seller on Fiverr, All the sells I have got up to now (3 sells) are directed form my college developed. That is they got the request for the job and they suggest me. No single at least not a one a one order is not came for me, :(( :(( . I thing there is a serious issue of my gigs I cannot figure out. I’m sooo disappointed because of this, Please some one help me…

Hi How can we help you?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: let us know…

My friend you have a BIG problem with english language.

“I an Professional programmer who lives in, Sri Lanka. I hold a hones degree in Computer Science. I have done developments related to technologies in many languages like java, C, C++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Python. I also having a good knowledge in data base technologies as well.” — thats from your profile...<br /> <br /> You should write down all the stuff from there in a CORRECT!!! english.<br /> Thats dead important.

Thats why people ignore you.<br /> I would not buy from you because of your bad english.<br /> I understand youre from Sri Lanka (nice country by the way; been there last year), im from Spain, but we have to write as correct as possible budy.<br /> Correct this issue and youll start seeing some orders comming your way.



Hi, Randima!

Like Juanito89 said above, typing your descriptions in proper English is VERY important.

This is ESPECIALLY important in your specific case when several of your gigs involve programming.

An error in typing when you’re programming could make part of a program not function, or make an entire program not work (depending on the problem).

Maybe if you fix up your descriptions, you’ll get more business.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Can you guys check my gigs please,

I think I have problem in English too.

thank you. :x

Reply to @imal365: If you can go through my page and give me a good solution it will a great help!

Reply to @juanito89: Wow! thanks a lot! I didn’t think that the description is a big deal, but now I can realize now that it is very important. The fist impression, in deed it is very very important. Thanks again for reminding me that. :). I’ll definitely change this, generally what kind of information we have to put there? Being professional is good or being some what casual is good?

Reply to @princessatari: Thanks a bunch of your kind advice as well, I will fix my description now… Thanks again…

Hi, I rewrote my description, thanks again for all of you, If some one can just go my profile and some give me some advice, or criticizes my description I will be very happy… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello again, Randima!

I just took a quick look at your gig descriptions, and it seems you’re still having a bit of trouble, mainly with the contraction “I’m.” A contraction is when you take a couple of words and take out some of the sounds they make to make a shorter single word.

The proper time to use “I’m” is instead of “I am” (it’s a shorter way of saying that).

So, for example, with your first gig (“I will make your site super cool by adjusting css etc for $5”) you don’t want to say “I’m will adjust…” (which means “I am will adjust…”). You want to just say “I will adjust…”

I’m really impressed with the support of the users in this forum. I myself am pretty new to Fiverr.

With only one sale things are pretty much moving at a crawl. I’ve read the posts regarding advertising on FB and Twitter to promote your gig which seems like a pretty good idea. However I really do not like FB which is mildly putting it and I’ve shared a few links on my twitter account which sadly to say is really used for Internet freedom and Info sharing so my followers there aren’t on that agenda. I’ve thought of the option to create a new twitter account pretty much dedicated to promoting sales from my various income streams but I would appreciate any additional advice you may have to increase my sales.

Feel free to look at my gigs and I let me know if there’s anything else I could do with regards to wording etc.

Best Regards,

Craig Scott

Hi! I did change my description about me but still no LUCK, Not even a one order or message is came for me? Is this a bug of the system? or I couldn’t realize why this happen. I think my gigs are not searchable or still there is a huge issue. If some can really find the answer for this, I will be beneficial to all new people! Thanks in advance… Please some one can go through and help me! If one can really help me I’will not hesitate to treat him with gigs… :wink:

Hi, thanks for the previous advises. But the thing is that there is some MAJOR problem in my account which prevent any Job come to my Account. :(( :(( :(( . I tried all the things only jobs I get through my friends who are kindly forward some work from their request to me. I what to figure out what the heck has happen to my account. Figuring out that will be a good point for all the people who suffer from the same problem.

Thanks in advance.