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Level One Seller - But No orders on fiverr

Hey, It’s been some months that the number of orders that I used to have — has reduced.
any Reason?
any Tips?

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Perhaps you aren’t doing any targeted marketing or promotion. If you want sales, you are going to have to connect to your target market, and find creative ways to show them what you can do, and convince them to hire you. Sitting back and expecting sales without connecting to your customers is an extremely ineffective business strategy.

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This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


any practical tips to connect to your customers?

Determine who your target customers are, study them and their needs, and then – since you will understand what those customers need – find ways that connect to them personally, and convince them to hire you. YOU are the owner of your freelance business, so YOU are going to have to do this research. I’m not going to provide you with the answers that you are going to have to determine through your own research. :wink:

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Haha okay! Thank you - I got you. :wink:

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I have read many of you replies and you have always said that connect with your target audience find creative ways to connect with the buyers but still I need to know how exactly one can connect with buyer other than sending offers on buyer requests can you please elaborate on that? like what platforms should I target how can I do it? I am sorry I know you must have answered it a lot of time but I need to know where exactly one can find a target audience and bring them on fiverr and their customer?

Thank you for reading my message

Best Regards
Ali Mehdi

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I have already answered this question. Research your customers, find out what they need, and then figure out how to engage specifically with those customers. There are no easy-market solutions as you seem to require. There are no one-size-fits-all platforms for gig promotion, and there are no general all-solution answers. To market your services, YOU need to go where your customers are, and reach out to them how they are likely to react.

If you need specific marketing advice, you can find plenty by researching the internet. I am not going to provide you with the answers you seek, just so that you don’t have to do the research necessary. Only you know who your target customers are, therefore, only YOU can determine how to connect to them.

That makes sense I got it!

Thank you for replying!

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I tried Google ,facebool, Twitter ads to find target audience to my gig. Where else I can find them. Suppose I am web developer. Where are the target audience? Thanks

I already provided advice in my other comments in this thread.

Where are your target customers located? Go there and market.