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Level one seller despite a client giving me bad review and later apologizing, feeling great, any advice?

Have manage to reach level one category. Of course am excited. However, there is a client who gave me bad rating and later apologies and this almost ruined my stats.The first job, he really disturbed me and never reviewed it, only to come back later that the job was extremely. He the gave me a second job that i did according to the instructions, immediately i uploaded the job, he gave me one star even without going through the work. All in all, i thank God i have manage to bring my statistics back and got promoted. I thank the forum for the information and guidance. Viva!

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This is the nature of the beast. It happens sometimes and you can’t remove it. Focus on getting great reviews and more business and then the odd time this happens won’t sting so much.


thank you@humanisocial

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It feels horrible to get bad feedback from a client, but it shouldn’t affect your stats long term. Try to stay motivated and keep working hard! :two_hearts:


thank you@gweneth-galvin