Level one seller in 30 days :)


I am really grateful I was told about Fiverr. It has vastly improved my confidence in my art skills, and the challenges I get from fulfilling orders is exhilarating.

I knew it was a gamble to say I could draw ‘anything’, but so far I have managed to pull it off very well! This is a wonderful way to earn some side-money and exercise my imagination. Thank you Fiverr!

Some advice/ warning to newbies:

Try to be clear about timelines with customers and be realistic with yourself. Find a balance between great customer service and not selling yourself out for cheap. Try to be versatile but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Create gigs to suit your personality: a thrill-seeker like me might choose a bold service (but be ready to put in the effort to fulfill requests you rarely expect) while those that just want a steady hobby-job might offer something within their comfort zone.

Good luck fellow Fiverr sellers! I will continue to work hard towards level 2.


Congrats! :slight_smile:


congrats and welcome to the club :wink:






That’s awesome! Congrats!