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Level One Seller Requirments completed but Didnt recieved the Tag

Yesterday Completed all the requirments to become level one seller. but its stills not showing. Can someone explain to me. I am new to fiver. Its my 3rd month only.

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Promotion and Demotions are done on 15th of every month.

It does not make any different if you achieve or not before that

That doesn’t mean that you should ignore rules :wink:
You signed and agreed for fiverr terms and conditions so it’s better to read them to avoid your account being block for any accidental violations.

On top of that if you are using an app that’s the first thing you see on top of the main page “your next evaluation” and date next to it And all standards to maintain.

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I haven’t ignored any rules. I saw that 15 march evaluation thing but still wanted to confirm from my fellow Fiverr workers. I think i made a mistake asking this.
Never violated any rules. read the TOS 2 times. Just came here to confirm.

Ok. Thank you for the info.