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Level one seller [RESOLVED]

I completed thirteen orders but still not promoted to level one seller.

I have:
13 positive rewies
0% Orders Cancelled
100% Positive Rating

You should contact customer support about it, open a ticket and wait for their response

i think you have not completed the time frame so when you complete that time on fiverr you will get level 2 badge

There are certain criteria which you have to fulfill. Contacting customer support won’t even help because allocating levels is not in there hands it’s a automated system within fiverr.

Hi, You should contact fiverr support about this, They will assist you.

try to be patient also.It will surely come.

Have your time frame over 30 days, if you sale 10 gigs within 30 days and you will be promoted next level after 30 days.

No time criteria you should contact customer service as one of my friend reached level 1 in 13 days.


don’t go with Customer Support because you not completed all the point as required a LEVEL 1 seller.

read this link:

You not completed one point “Completed at least 10 individual orders”
and right now you have only 9 individual orders.

so please wait for two or three order and after you will be surely got a “ LEVEL 1” seller label :slight_smile:

Hope you understand.


ask to support team… and keep doing your work to make satisfy the clients… no matter the level you have.

Thanks All Good Friends I got LEVEL 1 @@@@

Welcome pack

Actually, just to clarify, while it is an automated system there are times when contacting Customer Support is best. Most of the time, the person is just missing something on the Levels page, like they aren’t quite at 30 days or handled a complaint poorly. Once in awhile, though, something triggers the system to skip over them for promotion, like a high cancellation rate. After some time has passed, they raise their rate but they still don’t level.

If a user feels sure they have filled every single requirement and they’ve waited an extra 10 days and still don’t level, Customer Support may be needed to manually set the level. So, while I wouldn’t encourage anyone to rush off to CS without cause, there are times CS needs to intervene.

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Plz share with me what was the problem???