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Level one seller, what should I expect?


I am a new seller on fiverr and after my first week, I have gotten about 17+ orders, I am aiming to be a top rated seller. I am wondering what kind of traffic should I expect once I reach level one seller status. Am I respected more? Will I get more traffic? Should I raise my pricing?

I know the generic information given on the levels page here on Fiverr and would like to know experience from those who know about this.

Thank you!


I see that you are offering an essay writing gig. Fiverr does not allow essay writing gigs. If you type “essay writing gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


I do not see any results, are you a level one seller? If you are, may you give me insight on the questions I asked?



Good catch. That gig is gonna get pulled. No wonder he got those quick orders, lol. @jelfritorres did you skip over the Fiverr ToS when you signed up?


Ok. @lloydsolutions has more experience that I will ever have but I’ll help. What will happen? Your main gig will eventually be removed by Fiverr for violating ToS. If your account is not disabled, you will be active with your remaining gigs. Then you will be trying to figure out how to get orders from legitimate sales to eventually reach level one.

I recommend. Begin developing those other gigs and hope that you remove your gig before Fiverr CS deletes it. No need to worry about what it’s like for sellers once they reach level one. Your gig can be pulled at literally any minute.


I edited the gig based on your guys feedback, I appreciate it, do you think my gig would be safe as it is? I no longer state essay writing on the title.


Can you check if my gig is safe now, I would appreciate it a lot!


I don’t think it’s making sense. The title has nothing to do with it. The fact is that you are providing a product that is prohibited. Best of luck!


The URL contains the word essay and this cannot be changed so best to delete the gig before somebody reports it.


Thank you for your help!


In addition to what others have told you, it’s not allowed to offer contact outside of Fiverr.

Make sure to read the ToS (the “Legal” link at the bottom of the page), or you could get banned before you get a chance to become a level 1 seller.


I made sure not to do that, overall, thank you all.


I see most of your sold gigs were on your writing gig. Now that you no longer offer to write essays for students you may not be as busy. Plus school will soon be out, and those students will not be looking for essays.

As for me. When I reached level 1, I did not see a big increase in business. So I would not raise your prices yet. I know when I did as a new level one seller my business slowed down immensely. I did not raise my prices much until I had 50 reviews. Good luck.


I have gotten about 17+ orders, I am aiming to be a top rated seller.

Gotta say, that’s pretty ambitious. You need at least 100 orders to be a top-rated seller–and even then, it’s not even a guarantee.

Am I respected more?

Not really. Your level won’t really determine how respected you are, your behavior will.

Will I get more traffic? Should I raise my pricing?

Maybe and probably not yet.


This thread is little useful. I am a first level myself